Thursday, 10 November 2011

Art Worth Investing In

My feet may be screaming but I am beaming right now! Going against all sense, last night I decided to wear strappy platform heels to my best friend's 21st birthday celebrations and still managed to survive the occasion with both ankles intact!

'Big woop', I hear you say and sure, most women would call that an, albeit slightly wobbly, walk in the park but chuck in dancing, inebriation and a rocking boat and I could have been leaving on crutches at the end of the night! As it happens though, my sense of balance is slightly better than I thought and, with that success, it seems only fitting to post about my recent trip to the Javari Shoes for Show exhibition.  

The display showcased a range of couture shoes, from Nicholas Kirkwood’s Alice in Wonderland creations (above) to Louboutin’s Swarovski encrusted stiletto ballet pumps, all in celebration of the heel. Of course, the pieces were utterly impractical (they should have come with a Health and Safety warning) but they were there to be admired as works of art; sculptures rather than footwear. 

Suffice to say, it was even better than a trip around Kurt Geiger. I love Art almost as much as I love Fashion and when the two collide, great things happen! Plus, photography was permitted (even by novice's who don't know their way around the flash button-sorry about that) so enjoy the show my lovelys :)

Louboutin for Rodarte (A/W 2008)

Nicholas Kirkwood for Meadham Kirchoff (S/S 2012)

Meadham Kirchoff, once again, rebelling against conventional beauty. You can see how the shoes compliment the show's theatricality.

Roger Vivier for Dior 1957

Terry de Havilland for Agent Provocateur 
(Fall 2009 Superhero collection)

(I think this is the same pair)

Alexander McQueen's mini 4 inch Armadillo heels (flown in from the Savage Beauty exhibition in New York)
Dior Couture (Spring 2008)

Nina Ricci (Fall 2009) courtesy of Lulu Guinness

The shoes stole the show at that collection!

Yantorny circa 1920
Rupert Sanderson for Verdi's Aida
at the Royal Opera House

Natasha Marro

Prize Shoes exhibited at the Great Exhibition 1851

Turkish Bath Shoes 1890s
Chau Har Lee 2009

Must have been the excitement, I missed a reference for these beauties

Nicholas Kirkwood 'Alice in Wonderland Heels' 2010

Christian Louboutin for the English National Ballet

Niamph O'Connor and Emily Crane 'Return to Oz' 2011

Sophia Grace Webster for Manolo Blahnik "Babylon" Project2009
Salvatore Ferragamo and his 'Famous Feet', 1956

So what do you think? 
Who needs a Ming vase when you could have a pair of those Nina Ricci heels on the mantelpiece! 


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  2. Ahh thank you Winda :) It's really nice of you to recommend me and I'll be sure to follow back! Shall check out your blog now and keep in touch!

    Fi xx

  3. Those are simply breathtaking. All of them! But I must say that the Louboutins for the English National Ballet literally made my jaw drop... Fantastic pics, and thank you for the comments! Following for sure!

  4. I only wish I could dash to class in those lovely shoes!!

  5. HAHA Fi! Girl, I missed you and your blog. This is a spectacular post! What a great conversational piece. It's amazing what these designers came up with. I can't just pick one. All of them are FIERCE!!! I would love to put one on a shelf in my home. I'm glad you survived the party in yours. I'm the same way. It doesn't take much to topple me over. HAHAHAHA Hope your Monday was great and your Tuesday even better. :D

  6. The first reminds of Alice in Wonderland, love the Loubs, and I'd wonder if you could look over my most recent post.