Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A Street Cat Named Bob...and his penchant for scarves

I had the pleasure of meeting Bob today. It wasn’t a planned get-together and he wasn’t particularly talkative but what can you expect from a cat?

Before you write me off as completely crazy, Bob isn't just any feline. Okay, he can’t actually talk but he is possibly the most famous street cat going and is about to have a book published about his endearing life story!

James Bowen, a Big Issue seller, found Bob injured, after being attacked by another animal, and rushed him to the nearest RSPCA centre. Despite his own modest circumstances, Bowen nursed the cat back to health and, when the course of antibiotics was completed, he expected their encounter to be as well...

...except Bob had other ideas and hasn’t left Bowen’s side since that act of kindness.
Yeh, did I mention he has been issued with his own travelcard?
The pair are quite a fixture outside Angel tube station but today I came across them in Covent Garden. Bob was sitting more obediently than my own dog as Bowen sold a few Big Issues to pay for cat food.

Apparently, the cat has his own little lead and gets excited when Bowen gets ready to go out but, if he ever does get tired, Bob sits on his friend’s shoulders
Now I know this is meant to be a Fashion blog but when you see such companionship in harsh circumstances, it’s uplifting, right? Plus, Bob has a rocking range of scarves; check them out on flickr (he may have more than me).

Wonder if he knitted that himself? Bang on trend with the midnight blue, Bob!
 A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man and His Cat Found Hope on the Streets of London will be on the shelves from March 2012. 



  1. That's a great story Fi! So glad he recovered and he has a wonderful owner. Bob has the cutest scarves. I think he has a larger collection than I do. Chuckle.

    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  2. hehehe, this is simply too cute for words. Amazing love story, isn't it? Rescue animals have this thing for seriously clinging to the ones that took care of them, as in grateful for life. I get it with my own dog, he is a super sociable dog, loves other people, but he is at his happiest and most relaxed with me. He is forever in love with me, even on my worst days :)

  3. I agree Kim, I don't know who makes them but the scarves would fill a good sized cat wardrobe!

    @Jessie: that is so true, it is amazing how loyal animals are, especially dogs. They'll love you whatever you do or mood you may be in

  4. Bob is the cutest! he looks very glamorous and is very pretty. I have Andy who I rescued from the street almost 12 years ago ... I thought I was going to let him go when he was fine and here he is 12 yrs later. LOVE this stories.
    Thanks for your sweet comments.

  5. Good written, I like it.
    It’s nice to be a friend with you.
    But may give you somethings special.
    You should to try it. It’s free, friends.