Monday, 19 September 2011

When Marilyn Manson Meets The Flower Pot Men

So I still feel like poo and am very much aware that my only opportunity this London Fashion Week to ‘accidently’ run in front of Mary Katrantzou’s car and hopefully meet the designer is fading rapidly.

However, Fashion is my medicine and Ashish brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers to brighten my day...well actually he stuck them in his models’ shoes and sent them down the runway! Yes, I realise this was a few days ago but, bear with me, I am still catching up.

Vogue’s Ella Alexander claimed the collection was ‘not a particularly practical one’ but, personally, I think it successfully combines the wow-factor with wearability. Of course, I’m not planning on making an allotment out of my shoe rack but god, don’t you love it when a designer has a bit of fun with Fashion?!

The collection is youthful, imaginative and making me almost as deliriously happy as the painkillers!

It looks like you're peering over a wall into a beautiful garden

 I’m trying to look for words to describe the style but all I can come up with is rocker-meets-grunge-meets-Bill and Ben chic.

Despite every piece being emblazoned with a floral print, the military boots and dark make-up prevent the collection from being ultra-feminine.

Love, love, love the eighties feel to this top. For some reason, I can see River Island catching on to these designs.
Giving away his inspiration for the collection a little bit.
Perhaps the only detail I am unsure about; in this context, the paper-bag waist reminds me a little of a sack of potatoes but the inspiration is still present!

Many will not go for the in-your-face floral designs but I personally love it and even more so for the black backgrounds, animal prints and trademark sequins.

I'm seeing a picnic blanket after a gentle breeze has just blown the blossom off the trees
This design reminds me of an eighties strapless prom dress my auntie gave me to work on, which I have looked for, dear readers, but must be lost to the depths of my wardrobe at the moment.  

A bit fun, a bit quirky, a bit everything; London I love you!

So what do you think of London Fashion Week so far?
What has been your favourite collection?


  1. HAHAHA Fi! These combinations were interesting to say the least. I'm still smiling about the flowers in the shoes and your hilarious but eloquent commentating on each pic. It's truly amazing what designers come up with! At least the shoes contain flowers and not weed(s)! LMAO I hope you feel better girl. Sending well wishes your way! I missed you my friend. Thank you for the lovely comments also. YOU are MY medicine! Take care

    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  2. WOW I'm loving Ashish so much right now! Did you see his last collection full of sequin!? WOW He is amazing and didn't disappoint!!!!

    Fiiiiiiiiii, I'm fine, working more and blogging less! :( And you? I hope well!


  3. hey Fi! make sure to check out my blog I just gave you an award :] Have a great day!
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim