Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Bad but I'm Perfectly Good At It

Despite what these pictures may suggest, whips and chains don’t really excite me and sex in the air sounds easier said than done (there is enough to think about without defying gravity as well!)         

S&M is just Marks and Spencers backwards to me so why am I still strangely attracted to the fetish Fashion trend for Autumn?



Louis Vuitton

I don’t think it’s the handcuffs, harnesses or dominatrix boots that are getting me going; the thought of having to add twenty minutes onto getting ready simply to tie those laces really isn't appealing. 

I just love the fierce attitude that accompanies the trend. It’s not about terrifying men, merely letting them know you’re not afraid to use that stiletto if you have to. 

Whilst the Louis Vuitton Night Porter theme and McQueen’s harnessed mistresses were showstopping looks, it is the details that will make this trend wearable. Leather, sheer inserts, laces and visible zips are the perfect way to suggest a naughty side without having to get out a blindfold and gag.
Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

For me, the perfect way to wear this look is combining fetish with the forties ladylike style. You may appear the epitome of decorum in a black pencil skirt but the leather driving gloves and black sheer blouse imply a darker side. 

Lace is also an effective way to soften the severity of the style and embody what I have coined as erotic elegance.

So I have been rooting through the wardrobe again to attempt my own interpretation.
I apologise for the poor quality full-length pictures by the way. That's what you get when you start off with just a webcam.

The body-con shape and panelling detail on this Warehouse dress really emphasise the figure and I am reminded of Madonna’s Gaultier cone bra.

My waist belt is playing the part of a Louis Vuitton waist cincher and I’m trying out a bit of the Lanvin lace...a Topshop jumper from last year. 

As for the stilettos-oh ladies, we all have a pair...perhaps we all have a naughty side.



  1. Love your Lace dress :)
    Looks like lace won't goes out of fashion this year...and I'm glade :D

  2. Thanks! I love how lace has evolved; gone are the days of the Victorian lace curtains look xx

  3. you look beautiful. love lace and loving it on you.


  4. I'm going to start calling you FIERCE FI! You look HOT HAUTE HOT girl! I LOVE IT!!! That's a slamming dress and i LOVE your shoes. What I really like about it, is you're sexy but not at all trashy. You should be on the runway like those other girls. I've never seen these designs. Thanks for showcasing them. :) Girl you have me laughing at "It’s not about terrifying men, merely letting them know you’re not afraid to use that stiletto if you have to." TOO HILARIOUS! Love you Fi! Great post!


    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  5. this dress looks great on you fi hot and classy ;)

  6. Thanks for all the comments! I'm glad I achieved chic fetish; the refined dominatrix who will only get her handcuffs from Louis Vuitton now haha xx

  7. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, how have you been? Hum... touch of ladylike style? I agree! You look so so so so so amazing! WOW