Thursday, 28 June 2012

Mulberry's Monsters and the Forgotten Art of Designer Advertising

The round-up of next season's designer campaigns is out but where has the imagination in advertising gone?

Burberry may have changed the background but their images remain lifeless .
As someone who regards the endless adverts in magazines as additional pages of art rather than a pain in the backside when searching for the actual content, I'm pretty disappointed with what we have to look forward to for Autumn/ Winter 2012. 

You can show as much thigh as you want, Marco clearly prefers white and floral!
Admittedly, Dolce and Gabbana still have that big Italian family theme going on and whilst it looks all sweetness and lace, Granny is clearly plotting, plus no family is that pretty! However, someone needs to tell Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Emporio Armani and Salvatore Ferragamo (my list could go on) that a pretty model will not disguise the fact that she/ he is literally just posing on a chair-that's even sitting down on the job!


Hugo by Hugo Boss

Emporio Armani

You can guess this one

Thankfully, there was a ray of light in the form of Mulberry's forest fairytale. The British lifestyle brand played upon the "romance and darkness of children's fairytales" with a massive furry nod to The Gruffalo (except the mouse is replaced by Lindsey Wixson).

It's fun, it's beautiful and most importantly, the images are evocative. Should we be surprised though when the genius behind this work is the outstanding photographer, Tim Walker? Fantastical is his speciality and the creative product always has substance.

I understand the product should be the main feature in an advert but the ad also needs to be memorable, it needs to wow. A couple of Longchamp girls on a bicycle just aren't doing it for me anymore. As to whether or not I think the Mulberry advert fulfils its purpose? Yes it does; the monsters remain props in the images and there is life, movement and expression but I'm still left coveting that orange dress...

Perhaps I'm becoming too picky but other designers had such inspiration for their collections-why not apply that imagination to the campaigns as well? After all, an advert's main function is to promote the line. It was great to see the Louis Vuitton models had boarded that steam train which so overwhelmed us during the show. Yet, after that mesmerising Marc Jacobs presentation of Dr. Seuss hats and Victoriana hobo chic, the designer's campaign is more like a disorganised line-up at Dr. Seuss' funeral.

Sleeping on a mattress-living the hobo life.
Oh there they are, having a sit down again.
Many of you will be asking that sensible question of what do a couple of furry monsters have to do with a top designer brand though? To which I say that is the beauty of this campaign-the images have a tale to tell but it is left for you to tell it. You just don't get that with models lounging about on a sofa however gorgeous or well-dressed they may be!

So how do you feel about designer campaigns?
Am I expecting too much or is a pretty pose just not enough anymore?



  1. It think it is pretty awesome. Pretty poses!


  2. amazing campaign!!! visit my last post dedicated to new DOLCE&GABBANA ADV!!
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  3. I think these campaigns are pretty gorgeous x

  4. oh, seeing Mulberry's bags is a refreshment for my eyes <3

  5. i am loving the mulberry forest ads, but i have to say i am always a fan of burberry. i think they have a distinctive look to their ads that are very recognizable and really carry the brand. still, it was lovely to read your cheeky commentary! :)

    xx rae

  6. Oh my goodness, I completely agree with you! The Mulberry campaign is GENIUS. I see what you mean though, the creativity in many fashion ads has completely faded. Yet another excellent post!

  7. i always like the gucci adds!!

  8. They keep getting weirder and weirder...

  9. Fi, just give me the bad blogger award! HAHAHA I couldn't agree with you more. I was so eager for the Fall Campaigns to come out and then for the past couple of weeks I said to myself STOP, STOP, PLEASE STOP! VERY disappointed with D&G and Prada! You noticed I didn't even showcase them on my blog. I mean D&G are just continuing with the Spring/Summer campaign. It was probably shot at the same time. I like Prada's Spring/Summer but this psychadelic, trippy over the top mod is not working for me. HaHaHa I did feature Mulberry! LOVED IT! See, we think alike. Everyone loved it. Gucci was nice, but I've seen that from them before. Oh well! GREAT post my friend. LOndon is jumping right now huh? Stay in touch. Even if you comment now and then.

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  11. Mulberry's monsters campaign is so cute and lovely, I'd die to live with those cute monsters. FI WE MISS YOU. BLOG AGAIN XX

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