Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Dreaming of Monaco

Grace Kelly and Carey Grant in To Catch a Thief
Pimms o'clock anyone? I don't know if it's because I'm already looking ahead to next summer, vainly hoping  that the heavens will make up for this season's bad behaviour, or harking back to a time when the weather seemed more predictable (and global warming simply meant everyone putting on an extra layer) but SS13 sophistication is on my mind.

It was the Resort collection from Temperley London that first had me dreaming about croquet on the lawn and zipping through the South of France in an open top motor. Rain is not welcome in this reverie by the way.

As a girl known for bright colours (one such neon orange dress has almost caused several accidents) and shopping for short skirts in the petite section (despite being 5’10), I was amazed to love every piece in the demure range. It’s not often one can say they would wear every look but it seems formulating organza double satin and a few lace finishes into perfect silhouettes has gently nudged my style into maturity.

Apparently, Temperley did not actually base her collection on my ultimate wardrobe desires but a book called CafĂ© Society: Socialites, Patrons and Artists: 1920 to 1960. It’s nice to know I may share a yet undiscovered style with the likes of Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren and the feminine 50s shape is clear to see.

The simple but flattering colour palette allows for a celebration of cut and fit, though contemporary details like the digital jewellery prints and quirky starfish belts bring the collection up-to-date.

Anyway, before I sound completely like some kind of Net-A-Porter-travelling-salesman type deal, I’d like to introduce you to Mrs. Monaco’s husband...

Complete with three-piece suits, cream fedoras and that all-essential pocket square, Hackett London’s presentation for London Collections: Mens was a gentleman’s dream. 

Whilst an army of suited models complete with bowler caps was a memorable way to celebrate English heritage tailoring-the video is worth watching just to see the last model tipping his cap to you-it was the Great Gatsby references that were most exciting for me.

I’m really hoping the movie at the end of the year will encourage more men to don a cream suit, possibly even a neckerchief (we'll see how Di Caprio looks first). Either way the driver of my open-top motor is now sporting a Jay Gatsby look from Hackett.

Of course, the idea of affording even a Temperley belt remains but a dream. 
I guess that is the great thing about fashion though; 

It can transport you to foreign lands or bygone eras when cricket was played on the green, Saint Tropez was still just for mooring your yacht not applying to your legs and rain didn’t exist! 


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  1. nice collection
    after going through this post
    i am thinking of listing those suits on my wish-list...
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