Friday, 22 June 2012

Vogue and the Tramp

Oh dear...
If you do attempt to find me, though I advise against any view bigger than this, please be gentle.

Yes people, I'm afraid that is me. It was whilst wandering around the exhibition, channelling my inner Derelicte style (I was working trampy chic long before Galliano had discovered homelessness) that the Vogue Street Chic team caught me and asked to photograph me for the website.

It really was terrible timing; I'd just come from work, had the bare minimal of make-up on and was attempting to disguise the lack of effort with a messy updo. 

As my friend would say, I was a "hot mess...emphasis on the mess."

I really should have declined the offer but I heard Vogue and my mind went blank. Normally, I would have allowed the resulting image to drift, undetected into the oblivion of cyberspace but they spelt my name wrong...ALL TWO LETTERS OF IT!

This may seem completely trivial but as an aspiring fashion journalist, it's an ambition to one day see my name in the ultimate fashion bible. Ideally accompanying my own writing. Now I understand there is a little way to go but as a first taster it would be great to see my actual name.

Not Fie's!

The extra E makes all the difference by the way. Fie sounds like a pretentious little madam who's added an additional vowel because she thinks it sounds doesn't. To be honest, I don't even know how to pronounce it but the name sounds more complicated than it should be.

Fi, on the other hand, sounds like a lovely girl who would make an incredible intern for a world-renowned fashion publication. If you can look past the crazy pink shorts and unkempt hair.

Anyway, I think I've made my point and I shall let you know how my letter to Alexandra Shulman gets on. In the meantime, here is the first installment of exhibition pictures (I didn't want to completely overload this post) from GFW. 

Let me know what you think and hope you find them as inspiring as I did!

 P.S. If your name is Fie, I truly apologise.



  1. Really interesting!

  2. Pfffft, not trampy at all! You look gorge, and casual is the new high-maintenance, right? ;)

    Damn shame about the name spelling, you version is certainly a lot more quaint. I wish I could have gone so badly, all your pictures are gorgeous. I especially love the digitally printed top that looks like a map.

    Thank you so much for your comment. You've got yourself a new regular fan!

    1. Thanks hun, I loved that shirt too! Simple but clever right?

      Glad to have you on board and we'll see if I can get casually high-maintenance going as a trend haha.

      Love x

  3. omg you look super fab, congrats on the vogue feature, I also got into vogue, photographically, I do believe they're giving chances to the "amateur" turning them into proffesionals slowly.
    am following you now, btw, dear, mind to follow back :)?

    1. Of course, I'd love to take a look and welldone! It's true, I am still just a little honoured despite everything said :)


  4. what a great post, and girl you are so funny, but i do feel your pain. sorry your name was spelled wrong, but i am sure you will have many successes and this will be forgotten! and of course we can follow each other. i am following you now via gfc so when u have time just follow back.

    xx rae

    1. Will do and yeh I'm already laughing about it. As someone said, it may make a great story to tell when I'm a swanky editor somewhere haha.