Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sunday Roast and a Bit of Lace

Thanks goes to my new little blog friend SassyUptownChic for introducing me to the Instagram iphone app! I am a little appalling at taking pictures but I love a good photo editing session and it was fun testing all the filters for this outfit post.

This dress is a Topshop concessions number that I wore to Sunday lunch with my family. I love the lace, ruching and tie-back; almost makes up for the snowman button effect!

There had to be a print somewhere right? My animal print addiction has reached a whole new level but, after the Starbucks thief took my last umbrella, I realised my aunt had bought me this one at Christmas!

Do you think it may be a step too far or brighten up a rainy day?

The Dummies Guide to Surviving Being Skint (or Fi’s instructions to herself)

Oh dear. Mum got to my accounts before me (don’t worry you will be hearing slightly less of her when I move out next month).

I have managed to put off hearing what I actually spend on clothes for a good couple of years and certainly wasn’t wrong; ignorance is definitely bliss! Unsurprisingly, it was a fair amount for a poor, lowly student. Other common offenders included my weekly magazines (vital Fashion research!), 400g boxes of strawberries and my contact lenses.

So, basically, it looks like I’m going to have to go blind.

However, I have started a guide to myself and anyone else too poor to shop in Primark...

1.      You can foodshop in Marks and Spencers or Waitrose when you have that walk-in-wardrobe! In the mean time, get a Tescos and Sainsburys loyalty card to rack up the points for future discounts in a wide range of shops.

2.      ‘Browse’ (to shop without money) with equally poor friends; swap purses and remind each other that you’re not buying that skirt in order to eat tonight!

3.      Should you accidently purchase that skirt anyway, do not be afraid to approach a soup kitchen or punish yourself through buying dinner in Lidl/ Netto (yeh, you will never make that mistake again will you!)

4.      The wardrobe is broken for a reason; try selling some of the old garb you haven’t worn in years. If you’d forgotten it existed, you’re not going to miss it! Ebay, Gumtree, Preloved and Amazon are good sites to sell on.

5.      People will actually pay you to moan; do a few online surveys.

6.      Your father may be the King of ‘Meal in a Soup’ cans, you may have adapted the ‘charcoal-grilled vegetables’ recipe to plain ‘charcoal’ but you are not completely incapable of cooking. Yes, microwaving is technically still cooking but fresh food is cheaper and healthier.

7.      Sign up to websites that send daily deals in your area like or

8.      Entertainment is pricey; watch a busker for kicks or widen your vocabulary and save some money getting to grips with Scrabble.  Try sitting at the busstop for long enough and the body popper waiting for the 184 might come back!

If you have any other useful tips for how I can survive the winter of my extreme discontent 2011, I would love to know!

Should my posts suddenly cease, all likelihood is you will find me living in a cardboard box outside the Oxford Street Topshop.


Saturday, 27 August 2011

Native Notes

 It began with the feathered earrings, a bit of the Missoni print but now I am addicted to all things Navajo. I love the geometric shapes and the Fair Isle prints, though I have always been partial to a good pattern. The 'New Native' was particularly popular at Proenza Schouler and Matthew Williamson.

Proenza Schouler

Isabel Marant
Matthew Williamson
   From the folksy to the edgy (I particularly love Balmain's luxury take on the look and Pringle's practical, monotone detailing), there is a way for everyone to nurture their inner native.

Matthew Williamson
Pringle of Scotland
 I have already succumbed to Miss Selfridge's bodycon skirt version. My male friend literally could not believe I was wearing a knitted skirt; well my grandma would be proud.

Miss Selfride £25

I can understand the colours may not be everyone's cup of tea but I can't wait for it to brighten my winter wardrobe and add a bit of you can probably tell by the crazy smile I have on my face in these pictures (please don't be alarmed).
Let me know what you think of the trend :) xx

Friday, 26 August 2011

What is Victoria’s Secret?

Once again, really wondering if I am adopted.

A little Victoria’s Secret catalogue came in contact with my doormat this morning and, unsurprisingly, Dad, hardly recovered from having to watch the adult material in The Bourgias with me, neglected to mention I had post. What was slightly shocking and painful to hear though was that my mother actually thought Victoria Beckham was the Victoria behind the lingerie brand.
Oh Dear Lord.
I think I want to cry.
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010
Mum is a little slow on the update; the label was set up in 1977 in San Francisco by Roy Raymond. The ‘Victoria’ in the name refers to Queen Victoria and the Victorian boudoir feel of the original store layouts.
As to what her secret is, we may never know...

Of course, I have my theories.

Taking into account Queen Vic had one of the most passionate royal marriages in history and reeled off children at a good rate, I’m thinking her true secret was a love of sex, despite ruling in an era of prudence and moral resurgence. There is extensive evidence that she enjoyed the physical aspect of her relationship but how did she entice Albert in the bedroom?

Good underwear.

Roy will have us believe, in the 19th century, it was a good corset that did the trick and by the 21st it is a nice twin set...preferably from Victoria’s Secret.

I’m still not sure how the catalogue reached my doorstep all the way from Ohio. Perhaps, someone is trying to tell me something about my lacklustre taste in the lingerie department. Well sorry but I’m not my mother’s daughter for nothing; I had no idea Victoria produces clothing as well. As lovely as the lingerie is, here is my pick of the new products for Autumn 2011.

Pencil Skirt $49.50

Sequin Sweaterdress $198

Chunky Cardi Sweater $79.50

Faux Fur-Trim Cape $158

Embellished Tee $49.50

Belted Trench $148

Georgette Halter Dress $79.50

Off-the-Shoulder Bra Top Dress $59.50

The Boyfriend Shirt $44.50

Wedge Bootie $128

Strappy Elastic Sandal $98

Open Heel Peep-Toe Bootie $95

I really apologise for not giving the prices in Pound Sterling as my nationality should probably dictate but on the plus side Victoria's Secret plans to open its first UK stores around London (including New Bond Street) in 2012!!!

Queen Victoria would be pleased I'm sure.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Wonder that is Barry

 I've been attempting to wean myself off nail-varnishes recently. It turns out getting the whole colour spectrum is impossible when there are at least ten different shades of purple alone. However, I came across January Sublime's blog today and it introduced me to the Barry M Instant Nail Effects range. 

(Courtesy of Verity Von-V's Blog)
I have as yet to test the product for myself; the instant effect may simply be chipped nails. I have seen the abstract designs resembling animal and navajo prints though, which are big trends for the coming season. Perhaps, if I can't afford the dress versions, I'll have to stick to my nails!
You can see the tutorial here:

 Maybe the M in Barry's name stands for magic?

The varnishes are £3.99 each (from Boots or Superdrug) and have, had the Cosmopolitan Readers' Kiss of Approval 2011


Thanks goes to January Sublime

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

We are the Times

As wonderful as they are, friends can be hazardous on the bank account.

I have a very sensible one who will take me to Selfridges simply so we cannot afford to spend any money. It's more like looking around a museum than going on a shopping trip and REMEMBER:  the reason you do not purchase that RM by Roland Mouret dress is only because you have never suited ‘red lava’...or black. It is definitely not because buying that dress would leave you living in a cardboard box, albeit very stylishly. Trips like these are fantastic; I get my kicks from feeling up the softest Michael Kors mongolian fur gilet without becoming any poorer!

However, I didn’t go shopping with this particular friend the other day but rather one who I think ended up buying five pairs of pumps. Don’t get me wrong though, this girl is responsible enough to save throughout the year, she just treats herself sometimes.

It is her impulsiveness I have to thank for encouraging me to purchase this necklace from Accessorize.

 Notepad Pendant Necklace-£7

I don’t normally wear necklaces but this one with its little notebook and pencil just spoke to me. It really is so cute and the message is certainly telling me something; something my friend has clearly already learnt.

Live for the moment right?

Accessorize do some gorgeous charm necklaces. There has to be one to suit everybody and they always add a bit of personalisation to an outfit.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Wellies Wish List

I don’t know what the world is coming to: looting, pillaging and now umbrella thieves! Yes, you know who you are and you know full well Starbucks isn’t giving away free brollies now!

I really should have learnt by now; when the heavens open, do not let go of the umbrella for ANY reason (even to concentrate on getting the exact milk to tea ratio in your Earl Grey to-take-away). Caught in the pouring rain on Oxford Street, I was forced to shelter in Topshop and try on clothes! It was at the point when my head was stuck somewhere in a cutout bodycon dress and my feet were soaking wet that I remembered the Louis Vuitton wellies in Vogue’s September issue.


They were still on my mind walking the dog that evening. As I hopelessly tried to stop her from licking nettles and the dregs of a discarded Guinness can, I decided wellies are probably a good investment. We may not all be able to afford the likes of Vuitton but there are some very cute wellies out there to brighten a rainy day and are slightly more practical for well...walking.

Hunter Original Hoxton Wellington Boots £54 (from

Debenhams Faith Tan 'Rudy' Printed Wellies £25

Debenhams Black Lace Pattern Wellies £20

Topshop Dundee Multi Snake Print Wellies £26
Debenhams Barratts Pink Zig Zag Print Wellies £28
Blue Banana Allsorts Print Wellies £24.99

Miss Selfridge Astro Glitter Wellies £25

Net-a-Porter Hunter Festival Tall Wellington Boots £85
Evercreatures Horse Wellies £35.95
 I don't know whether to choose the pony, navajo or glitter print. They're almost too good for jumping in puddles though I don't think that will stop me!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Bags of Potential

Can you get withdraw symptoms from rambling? All week, I've been like one of those gym freaks who becomes restless if they haven't lifted weights at least twenty times in the day, except much lazier..instead of weights, it's a pen.

It has been a busy week though, from visiting Selfridges and pretending I can afford something to visiting West Ham United football grounds for an induction day (no I am not about to join the team). I scribbled things down when possible and even remembered my biro this time; first step to being a good writer! So there may be some random ramblings on the way.

ANYWAY, I've been meaning to tell you about my surprise find from the other day. It was almost as good as when I unearthed the gymnastics Barbie my parents had forgotten to give me one Christmas. Raiding my mother's wardrobe to get the weekend bag I needed for Cambridge, I came across her bag collection.

For most this will seem a pathetic and hardly monumental discovery but I had been on the verge of giving up on my mum's fashion altogether. She's already chucked out all the garments I could now call 'vintage' and is gradually rebuilding her collection with identical full-length panel skirts from Per Una. All was lost until I found the woman's bag stash; some had even made it to retro status! 
My Little Rays of Hope

I love the black, beaded 80's clutch and have sent my mum out with it tonight!

It's like she knew I would need a gold bag this Autumn.
And a wine red one of course, I love the unusual art deco shaping to this one.

Did I mention I love this woman? The print on this French Connection clutch is a subtle way to do the polka dot trend, plus it's patent!
So it turns out my mother is an accessories hoarder...I am so proud of her!