Saturday, 20 August 2011

Bags of Potential

Can you get withdraw symptoms from rambling? All week, I've been like one of those gym freaks who becomes restless if they haven't lifted weights at least twenty times in the day, except much lazier..instead of weights, it's a pen.

It has been a busy week though, from visiting Selfridges and pretending I can afford something to visiting West Ham United football grounds for an induction day (no I am not about to join the team). I scribbled things down when possible and even remembered my biro this time; first step to being a good writer! So there may be some random ramblings on the way.

ANYWAY, I've been meaning to tell you about my surprise find from the other day. It was almost as good as when I unearthed the gymnastics Barbie my parents had forgotten to give me one Christmas. Raiding my mother's wardrobe to get the weekend bag I needed for Cambridge, I came across her bag collection.

For most this will seem a pathetic and hardly monumental discovery but I had been on the verge of giving up on my mum's fashion altogether. She's already chucked out all the garments I could now call 'vintage' and is gradually rebuilding her collection with identical full-length panel skirts from Per Una. All was lost until I found the woman's bag stash; some had even made it to retro status! 
My Little Rays of Hope

I love the black, beaded 80's clutch and have sent my mum out with it tonight!

It's like she knew I would need a gold bag this Autumn.
And a wine red one of course, I love the unusual art deco shaping to this one.

Did I mention I love this woman? The print on this French Connection clutch is a subtle way to do the polka dot trend, plus it's patent!
So it turns out my mother is an accessories hoarder...I am so proud of her!

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