Friday, 26 August 2011

What is Victoria’s Secret?

Once again, really wondering if I am adopted.

A little Victoria’s Secret catalogue came in contact with my doormat this morning and, unsurprisingly, Dad, hardly recovered from having to watch the adult material in The Bourgias with me, neglected to mention I had post. What was slightly shocking and painful to hear though was that my mother actually thought Victoria Beckham was the Victoria behind the lingerie brand.
Oh Dear Lord.
I think I want to cry.
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010
Mum is a little slow on the update; the label was set up in 1977 in San Francisco by Roy Raymond. The ‘Victoria’ in the name refers to Queen Victoria and the Victorian boudoir feel of the original store layouts.
As to what her secret is, we may never know...

Of course, I have my theories.

Taking into account Queen Vic had one of the most passionate royal marriages in history and reeled off children at a good rate, I’m thinking her true secret was a love of sex, despite ruling in an era of prudence and moral resurgence. There is extensive evidence that she enjoyed the physical aspect of her relationship but how did she entice Albert in the bedroom?

Good underwear.

Roy will have us believe, in the 19th century, it was a good corset that did the trick and by the 21st it is a nice twin set...preferably from Victoria’s Secret.

I’m still not sure how the catalogue reached my doorstep all the way from Ohio. Perhaps, someone is trying to tell me something about my lacklustre taste in the lingerie department. Well sorry but I’m not my mother’s daughter for nothing; I had no idea Victoria produces clothing as well. As lovely as the lingerie is, here is my pick of the new products for Autumn 2011.

Pencil Skirt $49.50

Sequin Sweaterdress $198

Chunky Cardi Sweater $79.50

Faux Fur-Trim Cape $158

Embellished Tee $49.50

Belted Trench $148

Georgette Halter Dress $79.50

Off-the-Shoulder Bra Top Dress $59.50

The Boyfriend Shirt $44.50

Wedge Bootie $128

Strappy Elastic Sandal $98

Open Heel Peep-Toe Bootie $95

I really apologise for not giving the prices in Pound Sterling as my nationality should probably dictate but on the plus side Victoria's Secret plans to open its first UK stores around London (including New Bond Street) in 2012!!!

Queen Victoria would be pleased I'm sure.


  1. hi fi, thank you for your sweet comment. yup i'm in ifb, and i'm pretty new there.
    i love your blog, and omg i love victoria, she's really beautifull

  2. Haha there are so many Victorias, I'm guessing Victoria Beckham? She is pretty and I have been so impressed with her Fashion line! xx

  3. hahaha, this was a nice post. I have some of their clothing and shoes .... some like the black wedges that I post this week, are really comfortable and durable but the last pair that I bought this year were uncomfortable and too pricey for what they were.
    One thing is for sure they have the BEST marketing tools in the world.

  4. I completely agree, the annual Show is certainly an event for starters! I loved their shoes especially actually but thanks for the insider info ;)xx

  5. all of photos are amazing! thanks for sharing sweety girl :)
    anyway check out mine if you have a chance sweety :)

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