Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sunday Roast and a Bit of Lace

Thanks goes to my new little blog friend SassyUptownChic for introducing me to the Instagram iphone app! I am a little appalling at taking pictures but I love a good photo editing session and it was fun testing all the filters for this outfit post.

This dress is a Topshop concessions number that I wore to Sunday lunch with my family. I love the lace, ruching and tie-back; almost makes up for the snowman button effect!

There had to be a print somewhere right? My animal print addiction has reached a whole new level but, after the Starbucks thief took my last umbrella, I realised my aunt had bought me this one at Christmas!

Do you think it may be a step too far or brighten up a rainy day?


  1. Definitely not a step too far! I love that umbrella, I'm a huge fan of any animal print.

    Love the dress too - really like how it contrasts with the print of the umbrella.


    I just wrote a post about some vintage outfits I've purchased for London Fashion Week, I'd be so grateful if you could check it out and let me know what outfits your favourite!

  2. oh wow, I love the dress! and the umbrella as well <3

  3. OMG'd!!! Thank you Fi!!! I'm so glad you like and tried Instagram. Your pics are fab girl! Such a romantic feel to them. I love playing with the different filters. You can really add a lot to your photos (which may i're being modest...are always FAB). I love the delicate trim on your tank and how the skirt ties into a cute bow in the back. And Rawr!!! The animal print umbrella is haute. Go ahead Fashionista! Glad we're blog buddies! Again, thanks!

    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  4. Thanx FI for the sweet comment on my blog really meant alot to me, you look cute on those pics and the umbrella is just a perfect touch ;)
    Love Emma

  5. I love your dress it's lovely & oh my word Instagram is my life saviour for making my pictures look way better & it's so easy and fast to use too, great app! x

  6. Very ADORABLE. I love your dress, it's soo perfect. You are lovely. xx

  7. I just gave your blog an award! Love what you're doing! :)