Friday, 5 August 2011

Hey, Ho, Silver Lining

Honey decided to join me so I appreciated her a little bit too

I am currently experiencing an extreme wardrobe malfunction. Unfortunately, it is more about the actual wardrobe than any styling issues, though I have, had many of those too. I literally cannot open the sliding doors! It’s infuriating when you are in a rush (if you leave things to the last minute as your’s truly does) and reaching a cardigan becomes a military operation!

On top of that, I woke up with a mixed sense of intense guilt and rebellious excitement for becoming one day overdue on my library loans (a true law-abiding geek if ever there was one). Whilst it may be the nearest I get to living on the edge, apart from crossing the road without the green man, I cannot bear the idea of disappointing the shy, mousey librarian stereotype I have in my head. A sweet, little lady who keeps having to push her glasses up her nose and classes a book as an accessory.

However, since really thinking about the title of my blog, I am learning to see the positives in situations and appreciate the little things! So whilst I may owe £1.50 and a plank of non-sliding wood separates me from my entire wardrobe, I managed to be grateful for the beauty nature brings.

We have these flowers growing in the garden at the moment; they look as if they have been made from tissue paper and are equally as delicate. They managed to bring a smile to my face quite easily but still not as much as the £30 I found in my purse did! 

It's like winning the lottery; you hear about it happening to other people; a tenner in their jeans pocket but it never happens to you. Admittedly, you would expect to find money in a purse but I still have no idea how it got in there in the first place! Not that I am complaining of course. Plus, it is definitely my purse.

In my opinion? This is someone rewarding me for staying positive because I know it is not the easiest thing to do. We'll all have issues that reach beyond clothes and having your profile picture pinned to the 'Do Not Serve' board in libraries but after the rain comes the sun right. Okay perhaps not in Britain but the rain will stop at some point and water helps the flowers grow :)

Anyway, here is me enjoying the simple pleasures in my garden and wearing what I could reach in the wardrobe.

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