Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Wonder that is Barry

 I've been attempting to wean myself off nail-varnishes recently. It turns out getting the whole colour spectrum is impossible when there are at least ten different shades of purple alone. However, I came across January Sublime's blog today and it introduced me to the Barry M Instant Nail Effects range. 

(Courtesy of Verity Von-V's Blog)
I have as yet to test the product for myself; the instant effect may simply be chipped nails. I have seen the abstract designs resembling animal and navajo prints though, which are big trends for the coming season. Perhaps, if I can't afford the dress versions, I'll have to stick to my nails!
You can see the tutorial here:

 Maybe the M in Barry's name stands for magic?

The varnishes are £3.99 each (from Boots or Superdrug) and have, had the Cosmopolitan Readers' Kiss of Approval 2011


Thanks goes to January Sublime


  1. Awesome! it looks pretty easy to use. I hope is as easy as the tutorial. I will definitely give it a try, nails look great.

  2. I prefer simpler looking nails, but must admit that I'm quite drawn to the leopard print nail art that has become quite popular in recent months.

  3. Thanks for the comments my lovelys, I shall get onto your blogs right away. I agree, I've been pretty minimalist with my nails before but I hope these varnishes will do as they say on the tin!

    I love the animal print finishes about and even admired the dalmation print at the Topshop A/W show.

    Fi xx

  4. Aww, just saw this! We're glad we could inform you about nail effects!

    Love your blog! We're followers :)