Wednesday, 24 August 2011

We are the Times

As wonderful as they are, friends can be hazardous on the bank account.

I have a very sensible one who will take me to Selfridges simply so we cannot afford to spend any money. It's more like looking around a museum than going on a shopping trip and REMEMBER:  the reason you do not purchase that RM by Roland Mouret dress is only because you have never suited ‘red lava’...or black. It is definitely not because buying that dress would leave you living in a cardboard box, albeit very stylishly. Trips like these are fantastic; I get my kicks from feeling up the softest Michael Kors mongolian fur gilet without becoming any poorer!

However, I didn’t go shopping with this particular friend the other day but rather one who I think ended up buying five pairs of pumps. Don’t get me wrong though, this girl is responsible enough to save throughout the year, she just treats herself sometimes.

It is her impulsiveness I have to thank for encouraging me to purchase this necklace from Accessorize.

 Notepad Pendant Necklace-£7

I don’t normally wear necklaces but this one with its little notebook and pencil just spoke to me. It really is so cute and the message is certainly telling me something; something my friend has clearly already learnt.

Live for the moment right?

Accessorize do some gorgeous charm necklaces. There has to be one to suit everybody and they always add a bit of personalisation to an outfit.


  1. it's so cute!!!
    and the saying is very true!

  2. That is a cute purchase, love it and loved it more when I saw the 2nd picture of it open. ....
    I will remember why I am not buying the Roland Mouret dress.... hahaha.
    The living in the cardboard box part will leave entirely for me.
    "living for the moment" is something that I could use very well, I am always there and there and there ....
    Hope your week is going well.

  3. In love with this necklace!

  4. That necklace is amazing and it perfectly suits your dream to be a fashion journalist!
    Happy blogging,