Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Wellies Wish List

I don’t know what the world is coming to: looting, pillaging and now umbrella thieves! Yes, you know who you are and you know full well Starbucks isn’t giving away free brollies now!

I really should have learnt by now; when the heavens open, do not let go of the umbrella for ANY reason (even to concentrate on getting the exact milk to tea ratio in your Earl Grey to-take-away). Caught in the pouring rain on Oxford Street, I was forced to shelter in Topshop and try on clothes! It was at the point when my head was stuck somewhere in a cutout bodycon dress and my feet were soaking wet that I remembered the Louis Vuitton wellies in Vogue’s September issue.


They were still on my mind walking the dog that evening. As I hopelessly tried to stop her from licking nettles and the dregs of a discarded Guinness can, I decided wellies are probably a good investment. We may not all be able to afford the likes of Vuitton but there are some very cute wellies out there to brighten a rainy day and are slightly more practical for well...walking.

Hunter Original Hoxton Wellington Boots £54 (from

Debenhams Faith Tan 'Rudy' Printed Wellies £25

Debenhams Black Lace Pattern Wellies £20

Topshop Dundee Multi Snake Print Wellies £26
Debenhams Barratts Pink Zig Zag Print Wellies £28
Blue Banana Allsorts Print Wellies £24.99

Miss Selfridge Astro Glitter Wellies £25

Net-a-Porter Hunter Festival Tall Wellington Boots £85
Evercreatures Horse Wellies £35.95
 I don't know whether to choose the pony, navajo or glitter print. They're almost too good for jumping in puddles though I don't think that will stop me!


  1. I am not a big fan of boots like these but after seeing these, I want to get a pair! xx

  2. I am not a very big fan of rubber booties, but I must admit that the hirse one is so nice - and so useful considering all the rain here in Stockholm :)

  3. I used to not like this type of shoe, was always looking for something sleek/modern and I guess more feminine, but they've grown on me. The Debenhams Faith is about the best choice color wise, practically brown, and will compliment almost anything you put on, but does not have calf support or the adjustable buckle of some of the other choices which are more functional. The patent is nice.

  4. Thanks for the comments :) I agree, I still can't see myself wearing wellies around London for general use, there was a mini trend last winter, but they can certainly come in handy x

  5. wow these are all gorgeous and great for rainy days... im not sure which pair i like the best! Great post x

  6. not a fan of these kind of boots but I really love the 6th

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  7. I really love that boots!! I have the Juicy Couture boots that are great!
    Thanks for your sweet comment, keep in touch dear <3