Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Wonders of Wedges

Yesterday, I took a huge gamble. I wore a pair of heels for a day out in London without taking a spare pair of flats. I know, I have no idea what possessed me. Well I do...I just don’t want to admit I was running late for the bus again. Thankfully, they were wedges (I’m not that insane!) but the day was still spent putting them to the test, along with my ankles and, boy, were they tested!

Passing time at the station
Say hello to my New Look brogue wedges, bought in the sale for £8 (I’m ashamed to say this still gives me that slightly smug, sale-steal smile). Heeled brogues are perfect for those who want to try the androgynous look whilst maintaining femininity. Lacing also gives a little nod to the fetish trend, particularly if accompanied by a stiletto. Smart and sexy at the same time, this pair has dressed my feet for everything from work and interviews to nights out on the town.

Anyway, having now used myself as a personal test dummy, here are the results of my self-inflicted experiment to work the wedge all day. 

§  They are not suitable footwear in which to run for any form of public transport (I have tested both buses and trains, you can try planes but I don’t think it will make any difference). This is NO REFLECTION on the wedge itself, any heels are impossible to run in and require learning the art of ‘tottering seductively’. In fact, wearing wedges will encourage punctuality, to avoid public embarrassment, which looks really good on a CV!

Aldo Forward £65
§  Do not attempt to walk up a hill in them...or down for that matter. Perhaps, it is because I am tall but my attempt to saunter down slope did not so much have the grace of Grace Kelly as the uncontrolled hurtling of a runaway cart. I fought gravity I tell you! It just prevented me from rolling down the rest of the way, which would have relieved my feet but done nothing for self-respect.

Carvela Glitz NOW £89 from £140

§  Side note, check the weather forecast. I should have realised it was going to be the windiest day of the year so far when I decided to wear this dress. Wedges are perfect for avoiding puddles but I apologise to the public, this time in the vicinity of London Bridge, for another unanticipated viewing.

§  Another note for those well watered and reaching six foot tall; I know it is exciting being able to see your house from up there but you won’t hear your friends without providing them with a microphone. Great tip: sit down.
Jimmy Choo Ellie Leather and Mesh Sandals £995 (one can dream)

§  AVOID COBBLES AT ALL COSTS; the Romans did not consider very late women, attempting to totter seductively, when building the original roads. A ride in the ambulance may seem exciting but no doubt your Dad will use the elevated leg to open all the double doors in the hospital again and Prada hasn’t even designed its own line of plaster casts yet! 

However, despite these slight draw backs, the positives of wedges still outweight the negatives. Simply put, they make your legs look fantastic and will definitely stop traffic (thank-you Mr. Cycle Rickshaw Guy). Wedges may be the lazy girl's heels but you can still be standing eight hours later! xx 


  1. Those boots are beautiful! I especially like the blue snakeskin ones from Aldo.


  2. these are really cute, heels arent so bad.

  3. I love the snakeskin ones too, which are very on trend for winter. You can get a similar pair as heels in Dune.

    I think it may be because I wear flats most of the time to avoid towering over people that I'm not used to heels. They really are flattering though and can really be a confidence boost!

    Thanks for your comments :)

  4. Love wedges!! haha and good tips about not walking on cobbles....that would be a disaster!

  5. I will never forget the day I decided to go to Antwerp for the day with just one pair of shoes: black wedges, super high ones... Not only was it raining, but the walk from the car park to the main shopping street was all through cobblestone streets...slippery slope, and then the uber flat and soaking wet shopping road...slippery sloap again and my boyfriend's arm still hurts from me holding on like a mad woman.. still I looked fab.... who am I kidding I looked maaaaad :P