Friday, 9 September 2011

Everything's Coming Up Tulips

So New York Fashion Week is well underway and I finally understand the male species’ hatred of finding out the footie results before they’ve had a chance to watch the game.

Suspense to find out the results of Designers’ hardwork and creative input for next Spring built as I sat trapped on the tube trying to get home last night. I even refused to pick up an Evening Standard, in case they had already started reporting on Fashion activities from across the pond. “NO, DON’T TELL ME,” I exclaimed, bursting through the front-door, as if Dad was going to ruin the surprise that knitted swimwear is back in for 2012 (don’t panic, it isn't so far). 

For the next hour my eyes were glued to the laptop watching replays of the first day’s shows and making notes like any aspiring Fashion Journalist. Thanks to youtube’s live streaming of certain shows, I can even pretend I’m sitting in the front row with Alexandra Shulman next to me, rather than my mum falling asleep to Country House Rescue.

As for the results, they were far from disappointing and the highlight so far has to be Tadashi Shoji’s tulip inspired collection of romantic florals, feminine flounces and delicate lace detailing. Without even having read the runway reports, you could immediately recognise Shoji’s muse. 

When asked, the Designer claimed he chose that particular flower because it “is full of life, incessantly evolving and changing in shape.”

 For me, the collection certainly was full-of-life; playing with different shapes and textures yet constantly maintaining femininity.

Shoji even named the colour of his garments after flowers, such as petunia, daisy, fern and magnolia.

The epitome of elegance; appliqué and lacing were also flower inspired and fit for a Princess. 

Roses may be red but Tulips are taking us into Summer 2012!

 So have you been following New York Fashion Week? What has been your favourite collection so far?


  1. I honestly thought this collection was very dull, and the tulip dresses a bit to obvious. Pretty, feminine, really traditional looking floral's and overall color palette. Some of the gowns were reminiscent of Valentino; nude/natural colors, modest lengths, but in sheer and lace to sort of mock/toy with the idea of Victorian dress: and in other words, 'last seasons trend.' Maybe I felt this way because when I went to view this show, it was labeled as a Richard Chai collection.

  2. My gosh! I really have to applaud you on your writing -as I am very envious. You have a wonderful narrative flow that makes things a bit more intimate and interesting to read. Never read the reviews.

  3. Oh wow Fi! This is a gorgeous collection. I love the dresses and colors. I've been trying to avoid viewing the 2012 collection, but to no avail. HaHa From what I've seen so far, looks like the IT color is PINK. Thanks for showcasing this! Have a great weekend my friend.

    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  4. I guess everyone is follwoing... well I think it's the easiest way to get inspired and be happy about clothes and money saved

    Inside and Outside Blog

  5. aww im so glad that beauty and elegance is coming back in... beautiful post =)