Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

The day before Mary Katrantzou's show, the Fashion God looked down on me again and gave me a the form of the One Show (a television breakfast show at dinner time). I only really noticed it on in the background when they showed a report on the last tulip farm in Britain and this image appeared:

It was absolutely breath-taking (for some reason it doesn't look quite so amazing here but the colours were just fantastic). Then I caught up on London Fashion Week 24 hours later and found myself looking at the same beautiful scenes on Mary Katrantzou's creations!  

I doubt she had watched the same episode and pulled an all-nighter in order to dedicate her collection to that one field but you can see where she may have gained her inspiration! Admittedly, Katrantzou's flowers are carnations (as were the flower beds lining the catwalk) and the designs were accompanied by prints of tin cans, shells and shoals of fish but the effect was just as exquisite (actually more so...sorry to that Norfolk tulip farm). 

Anyway, no doubt I will be raving about the rest of the show soon but, until then, google tulip farm and you will understand how Mary managed to come up with such beautiful prints. 
Once again, the designer certainly did not disappoint!


  1. Wow, those color are truly amazing. The collection is a total dream, the colors the patterns.
    thank you I adored this collection.

  2. HAHA I like the dress with the bow in the center of it. :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim