Friday, 22 July 2011


I think I may be a little in love with Elie Saab. To put it simply, when I marry the Prince of Honolulu or walk the red carpet to receive my first Oscar, I know who will be dressing me down to the nines. It was after he sent those Grecian Goddesses along his Spring/ Summer runway that I realised he was the one. His latest couture line had the same effect on me as looking up pets for sale on Gumtree; ‘ohhh my Goddd I want one!’ Added bonuses; these won’t busy-busy on my shoes and they are definitely pedigree!

Commentators may say Saab’s creations are pretty but undaring, the presentation is repetitive and the wind-machine is probably overheating by now. However, I looked through every couture line for Fall 2011 (it was definitely research) and nothing quite compared to his ethereal pieces. Princesses glided along the runway in tulle and chiffon, delicately embellished with beading, fur and silver lace trim, each telling their own fairytale. Whether a flowing, floor-length gown or shorter-eighties style prom dress, Saab embraces the female body with backless details and hourglass silhouettes wrapped up in all that sparkles and shimmers.

The Designer has come a long way since teaching himself to sew at nine years old and making clothing for sisters in his native country of Lebanon. He has commented that, ‘the woman everywhere speaks the same language. She wants to be beautiful,’ and, the fact is, Saab speaks the female language. He knows how to make a woman look and feel beautiful.

Of course, now I am regretting looking for pictures to accompany my forties evening look. I think Mr. Saab may have outdone me but here we go anyway. Yesterday, I gave you the forties day look (woman-meaning-business- but-probably-only-making-it-as-a-secretary-and-having-non-existent-bottom-slapped-repeatedly-by-bosses-in-tweed-suits-look) and today I'm attempting to use my one and only maxi dress to give you evening-wear.

Midnight blue is a sultry colour for evening-wear, a flattering alternative to black and very much on trend for Autumn and Winter. 100% viscose is not exactly tulle and it is not quite encrusted with crystals to shimmer and shine but with some sparkling jewellery and a glitzy belt, I could take this dress out for a smart soiree. I mean let’s face it, I’m more likely to be hoovering a carpet than walking one and the Prince of Honolulu is a bit well...imaginary.

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