Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Little Word

I've been wondering what to write for my first post for about a week; my favourite trend? Style icon or era? Myself? Don't worry, I have saved you the terror because then this piece of art appeared in my emails (of course I've signed up for the Kurt Geiger updates, I'm not that slow!) And I decided pictures speak louder than words (though I'm still going to ramble a bit...well a lot sorry).

Just in the way they sparkle and shine, these little gems can explain why I love Fashion better than I ever could. It's all about being able to look at a piece of clothing and imagine. I might be sitting here in my jogging bottoms, walking fleece and cow slippers-all in the most fashionable way possible-but one pair of shoes can transport me to the dancefloor in a second. Possibly, in one of Stella McCartney's paillette creations from her Autumn/ Winter collection (this is definitely just a fantasy now). Basically, apart from being a human magpie that is in awe of everything sparkly-or is that just women generally?-I am in awe of 'the story'.

Suddenly, I am sipping Louis Roederer Cristal (Champagne don't you know) in Mahiki. I don't even drink Champagne but a gin and diet Coke just isn't appropriate for this fantasy! Kate (Duchess of Cambridge) and I are catching up on her recent trip across the pond as the Princes bust a few moves on the dancefloor. We laugh delicately about William's impending comb over until Emma Watson, Rihanna and Pixie Lott approach (don’t ask, this is my fantasy, just go with it). Commiserations are shared over the end of Harry Potter before we share a Mahiki Treasure Chest, it serves eight but we'll manage. Then, just before I finally pluck up the courage to ask Ri-Ri which man is actually getting the whips and chains, the moment arrives.

Emma turns to me and exclaims how much she loves my shoes and before I know it they are all cooing over my sparkling footwear. 'Oh they've been catching my eye the entire evening, I want to branch out from my LK Bennetts, where did you get them from?' Kate asks.
'These? Ah they're Carvela Amelia from Kurt Geiger. Pixie I know you love a High-Street steal, they were only £120!' She is ecstatic.

And that is how one item of clothing can allow you to escape. There was no sign of my strangled-cat-cackle, for which my mother has actually advised me to get a new laugh. For once, my signature moves to Single Ladies were attractive in reality as well as in my mind and we completely bypassed the flat feet, which would normally have made me lose a shoe at some point.

Wow, I really have rambled, though I did warn you I was quite capable of it. Essentially, what I’m trying to get across is that Fashion allows you to create a character; it’s just up to your bank account whether you can make it a reality or not. Either way, I am this passionate about Fashion because I am a dreamer and, as sad as it sounds, just one image like this one gives me inspiration. I’d love to hear why you love Fashion? Or why you don’t for that matter and what pieces have inspired you recently?

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