Saturday, 23 July 2011

A Spotty Sign from Above

The Fashion Fairy Godmother has worked her magic again. After writing an article about how dotty Designers went for polka dots in their Fall collections, I realised the only spotty item of clothing I own is a skirt in a soft pink. A pink that never even crossed the minds of Fashion Designers when they were considering their Autumn/ Winter colour palettes full of midnight blues, wine reds and emerald greens. This peplume mini-skirt is miles away from Marc Jacobs’ demure spotted pencil skirts. Oh dear, no resurrecting that purchase this season then...or so I thought.

Like a sign from a fashion-conscious deity, I opened Look magazine to find this picture as the first page to a spread on pink for this summer. Maybe I look for signs where there really are none but just hours after I initially thought this print would never see the light of day again, there it is in all its powdery pink perfection displayed in a magazine!

Well like a superstitious crazyperson, I had to believe someone was trying to tell me something and you know what I have confirmed? I am crazy. I love Fashion and I love looking at Designers’ creations but it is style that really counts. Who cares if my skirt is the wrong shade of pink for this season, infact who cares if I do not go in for polka-dots at all because different likes and dislikes are what make us individual! I’m not aiming to mirror a Gaultier look, partly because he sent his models down the runway in greying wigs but still where would Fi be in that?

As long as I don’t look like spotty candyfloss, I’m happy. In fact, this fashion-conscious deity also reminded me, as much as I love clothes, there really are more important things to be worrying about. Perhaps that makes this entire post pointless but it’s good to be reminded once in a while.


  1. what a lovely skirt thanx for the sweet message on ifb of course followin you hope you follow back and stay in touch..

    Love Emma

  2. I certainly am following, that graphic print dress was lovely on you! xx