Thursday, 24 May 2012

Bring On the Men

Whilst the country goes bunting crazy, stocks up on anything red, white or blue and is forced to watch athletes advertising everything from nappies to make-up (I only hope Keri-Anne Payne's Max Factor mascara is waterproof), I've been busy thinking about men. Really well dressed men.

Oliver Spencer A/W 12
Every so often my mind wanders onto how I'll commute to work when London is over-run by tourists but generally it is more appealing to contemplate the capital's first menswear fashion (mini)week than the horror of possibly having to re-learn to ride a bike.

From Saville Row tailoring to contemporary innovation, the UK's menswear designers deserve as much recognition for their contributions to the industry. Last season, I covered menswear day and was pleasantly surprised to find both the quality and creativity of London's designers didn't stop at peplums and pussybow blouses!

The BFC's recent announcement on the talented designers who will be sponsored by NEWGEN MEN for the S/S 13 season has only distracted me further. It was fantastic to find out Martine Rose's luxury streetwear looks and Christopher Raeburn with his utilitarian chic have won the presentation sponsorships.

Christopher Raeburn A/W 12
The designer is known for re-appropriating military fabrics with a modern twist
Not a brilliant picture but yes, the installation was exactly like a junior school cloakroom
However, my day was truly made on learning Sibling has gained the catwalk sponsorship...

Sibling A/W 2012 Installation
On a typically rainy last day of LFW, the label brightened fashion-goers' moods with its fluorescent animal print knits and pom pom beanies. Possibly not the manliest of styles (the model looking like Scandinavian Tigger is just plain cute) but you really have to admire the sense of humour.

Hope they have their catwalk pose ready!
Anyway, in celebration of our home-grown talent and in dedication to the male readers who have asked me for advice before, here are a few of the other menswear designers who featured in the A/W 2012 installations. As always, I apologise for my poor photography skills.

William Richard Green's models taking a break

Kit Neale added an urban edge to floral print

T. Lipop's intrepid explorers were kitted out in practical pieces cut too well for any Arctic expedition

Minimalism and fabric manipulation made an effective partnership at Christopher O'Brien

Why do I only get lonely old ladies wanting a chat at my bus stop?

Dr. Noki's superhero inspired designs-to be admired rather than adopted...please
The diverse styles and expertise in menswear will be demonstrated next month, June 15-17th. In a society that promotes feminism and the empowerment of women, it is about time menswear designers are given their time to shine!

Of course, should you be one of my male readers that takes more interest in football than footwear, the final image might be more appealing (unless you support Bayern Munich). To any fashion followers, I truly apologise for bringing down the tone of this post but fashion is self-expression right? 

I apologise for the model


  1. Fi Fi Fi! Girl, i missed you! haha I love your blog layout. Super cute pic of you hun! I was so happy to see your comment. Girl, i've been blogging and recently kinda stopped. I needed a break. I didn't think you were coming back, but so glad you did. MEN EVERYWHERE!!! Men on pedestals...even better! LOL Love your post girl! Some of the designs are truly funny. But they take it in stride.

  2. Lovin the new look Fi :) And the rugged men sporting the epilepsy-inducing patterns. I especially love that minimalist/fabric manipulation pic. I feel that men have a lot of options but minimalism shows style because you know how to put an outfit together that may not say anything bold initially, but it's jam-packed in the details. If that makes sense!