Sunday, 27 May 2012

Not Quite Cannes

Loreen, the 2012 Eurovision winner for Sweden. 

So Eurovision has been and gone and, once again, the UK didn’t exactly win-it appears love may set you free Humperdinckers but it won't help you win an international song contest.

Still, I for one haven’t got the Hump (though I do have an entire list of Humperdinck wisecracks) because I was equally entertained by this year’s outfit choices. If it wasn’t Lithuania accessorising with crystal blindfolds-useful for a snazzy pre-performance snooze-then it was the Albanian-rope-bun-verging-on-snake-basket look.

Lithuania's Donny Montell taking a quick nap-perhaps the best dressed male of the night though.

Evil stepmother alert! Plus, I think she may have charmed the snake out of the basket.

There was the weird...

Like scary, dancing bats...

...and an example of  when costumes definitely shouldn't be used as part of the act.

...the wonderful...

Can I keep one? Not exactly the most flattering of styles but fantastic to see some traditional dress.

...and the just plain worrying.

Futuristic trend? Yawn.
Unless of course they are actually going somewhere far, far away...please.

The moment we finally found out their hair isn't "gravity defying"-it really is just endless cans of spray.

Plus, I'm pretty sure a few of the looks weren't quite original!
Nina Zilli, Italy's answer to Amy Winehouse wrapped in foil.

Modern Maltese Buddy Holly anyone?
Oh little floaty strips of material waving in your backing dancers' faces? So Turkey from Eurovision 2003!

Full-length fringing couldn't disguise the fact Ukrainian Gaitana clearly stole her headpiece from Lana Del Rey's collection either.
The song title 'Be My Guest' was clearly taken from that Beauty and the Beast classic as well (the teapot sang it better by the way!)
For best dressed though, silver place went to the girls prancing about for Moldova. The silhouettes reminded me of Katrantzou's bowl dress and the patterns could brighten anyone's day. Unfortunately, the dresses were just ruined by a few dodgy dance moves.

In gold place was the hosting country's entry. Sabina Babayeva, for Azerbaijan, looked amazing in her full length gown; like a feathered goddess. The dress was what fairytales are made of and even more spectacular once the coloured lighting hit the material. It almost looked like she was on fire but I really don't think I could have put her out!

One of those moments that convinces me I'm in the right business.
(all pictures courtesy of the Eurovision photographers)

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